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BirdMan’s Irises: Ophthalmic surgery

[ChatGPT 4o. Prompt] A scientific illustration visualizing a veterinary surgeon performing eye surgery on a bird. The illustration includes five stages: 1) A close-up of the bird’s eye with labeled anatomical structures such as the iris, pupil, and surrounding tissues. 2) Preparation stage showing the setup for surgery including sterilization and positioning of surgical tools. 3) Surgical procedure detailing the incision, removal or repair of tissues, and the application of medication or implants. 4) Final stage with suturing or sealing the incision and applying a protective covering over the eye. 5) Post-operative care showing the application of medication and a brief explanation of the recovery process. The overall style should be clear, detailed, and educational.

BirdMan and the Great Mirror Wall

[Stable Diffusion, Prompt] This is an AI image artwork created by Jeong Han KIM using Stable Diffusion with text prompting for the narrative of his BirdMan series, which he has been creating since 2006. BirdMan is an imaginary being that is half human, half bird. BirdMan is an imperfect being that deviates from normalcy, both as a human and as a bird. The world it inhabits is a vast desert surrounded by an infinite wall of mirrors. BirdMan can only become complete by reflecting his other half in the mirror. But that perfection straddles the virtual and the real. He can travel by imagining himself as a monk traveling through the green meadows beyond the wall of mirrors.